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Musikgarten is offered in three parts to help develop specific ages

Classes starting soon!

Call (912)576-6801 to find out more & pre-register


Family Music for Babies (0 to 18 mos)

This section of Musikgarten gives parents time to bond with their babies through musical games - such as bouncing and wiggling - that will increase your child's interest in music and teach them listening skills.

It's never too early to build your baby's love for music!​

Family Music for Toddlers (16 mos - 4 yrs)

Toddlers enjoy moving around and being loud which is why Musikgarten is the perfect place for your toddler! You and your child will join a kid-friendly class that will teach your young one how to sing, dance, and play a variety of instruments while also teaching them body awareness and how to listen.

Toddlers just wanna have fun!


Cycle of Seasons (3 - 5 yrs)

Children that understand and appreciate music are shown to have a better quality of life. This section of Musikgarten does just that. Through Cycle of Seasons' storytelling, singing, and musical games, you can watch your child's imagination and listening skills grow.

Learning is what preschoolers do best!

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