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  Private Instruction   

Private lessons are on an open enrollment basis. Lessons are once per week,  ranging from ½ hour to 2 hours per student request, and are individualized and comprised of theory, practice and performance.  We conduct both in-house and virtual video-conferencing lessons.


Students have many opportunities to participate in recitals and other special events and programs throughout the year. Twice each year, our studio holds our recitals/concerts to display the results of our tremendous efforts.

Current Offerings

                    -voice                      -violin / cello
                    -guitar                     -fiddle
                    -piano                     -woodwinds
                    -brass                     -percussion
                    -acting                   -musical theatre
                    -pageant preparation lessons
                    -early education music & theatre


½ hour lesson per week > $115 per month (Active Mil)
½ hour lesson per week > $125 per month
1 hour lesson per week > $230 per month
1½ hour lesson per week > $345 per month
2 hour lesson per week > $460 per month
group lessons > $95 - $110 per month
active military discounts available
Other important things to know:
1) Tuition is due by the 7th of the month - a $10 late fee is applied after the 7th
2) We have a 30 day notice policy for lesson program termination or suspension
3) We give make-up lessons if we are given 24-hours notice
4) No call, no show, no make-up lesson

Here's an easy way to make your tuition payment.

Click on Pay Tuition Now button below!

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